The Advantages Of Parlay Betting

The Advantages Of Parlay Betting

The advantage of parlay betting is winnings are begetting more winnings. Let’s use an example of four sixes being thrown in a row at the dice table. If you had a place bet of $6 dollars on the six you could take down your winnings each time. You would end up with a profit of $7 dollars four times or $28. If instead you had raised your bet by multiples of six then the profit would have been far greater. The first roll of six would have netted out a dollar profit and a new total bet of $12. When this bet hits you net out $2 profit and raise your new bet to $24. The next winning bet would net out $4 profit and raise your new bet to $48. When this bet hits you have a net profit of $56 +$48 +$7-your original bet of $6. This leaves a net gain of $105. This illustrates the advantage of parlay betting.

If your bet lost after the 2nd six was rolled, you would have a net loss of only $3. If your bet lost after the 3rd six was rolled, you would have a net gain of $1

Another way to play this same scenario is to only raise the bet by six dollars each time and keep the rest. After the second roll you are always guaranteed a profit.

Parlays can be played in almost any gambling game. The variations are endless and which variation you choose depends on how aggressive you want to be. The obvious reward is if your luck stays with you, you will make substantially more money than you would straight flat bets. If you couple this parlay play with a game that pays odds, and your bets are successful, your gain could be far greater than it would have been.

Parlays in come bets on the dice table are often the reason that a player makes a huge score at a casino. A twenty-pass roll is mind boggling in the possible gain from a starting bet of only two dollars.

Parlay betting follows the rule of play the rush. When you are winning, you should be increasing your bets. That is the way expert gamblers make killings at casinos. The average player does just the opposite and lowers the bet instead of increasing the bet. They want to make sure they keep what they have just won. It is a mind trap that a winning player needs to escape from and not let it kill a winning situation.